To open a bank account in Spain

To open a bank account in Spain

To open a bank account in Spain

Few years ago, any tourist who is in Spain, could open an account in a Spanish bank upon presentation of a passport. To open a bank account in Spain.  Thus, in a huge number of accounts opened by foreign nationals who are not working, and the bank is obliged to send correspondence to all customers (even living abroad), which leads to additional costs for the bank. Therefore, it was decided to tighten the requirements for opening an account in the Spanish banks for foreign ciTo open a bank account in Spaintizens.

To open a bank account in Spain for foreign citizens – a procedure is not so complicated.

Foreigners can have two types of accounts in spanish banks:

1) For residents – if you have a residence permit – will be required a resident card;

2) For non-residents are required:

NIE – the number of the foreign citizen. It is available in police. For getting it you need a passport, a photocopy of all its pages. NIE will be given to you immediately.

Valid passport.

Certificate of employment.

All these certificates must be translated into Spanish by a certified translator and certified at the Consulate.

In the case of obtaining a residence permit you must submit the documents to the bank account to change the status of a resident.

As a rule, Spanish banks do not set a minimum to open an account in euro. To open an account in another currency bank may set a certain minimum amount, depending on the currency. Normally, costs and services for residents and non-residents are not different.

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